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About Us

TANIA ( Founder Of InspaLink)

Tania is a Small Business Advocate, Strategist  & LOVER of EVERYTHING  Small Business! But Is Also A Small Business Owner Herself.

Tania Scaled In a Male Dominated Industry – Construction Against All The Odds…& Against Everyone telling her to ‘Quit And Just “=Get A Job – It’s Just going to be Easier’ ….
And Easier It May Have been ….
Except Life is Not About Being Easy !
Tania Thrives On Helping Others Achieve & Is Also A Mother, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Friend, Business owner, Mentor, Mentee & An All Round Hard Worker.
Tania is The Ultimate Small Business Connector Join Our Community & Get Connected To The People You Need To Know To Scale & Take Your Leadership Leap to EXIT THE DAILY GRIND of Business

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